Rugby Festival!13-04-2016 | 14:53:55 | No Comments

Our first match was against River school and they beat us by a lot but we are just warming up. Are 2nd match was against Capel school and we lost by 1 or 2. Are 3rd match was vs Barton and we won by 1 or 2 which is cool I met someone I know on that team. Are 4th match was vs Whitfield school and we one by 1 or 2 I cant remember how many but that was awesome! Our final match was vs River again but we lost by 1 which was a really close match and I met someone I know on that team as well.

PE at Guston C of E Primary School31-01-2016 | 11:32:38 | No Comments

Sport is an important part of the curriculum and one in which Guston School thoroughly enjoys participating in We offer a wide variety of sport including athletics , cricket, dance, football, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rounders, swimming, tennis and volleyball, attending many after school sports clubs, matches and tournaments.

Guston CE Primary is well known for our children’s sportsmanship and improving ability.  The dedication both in time and effort of every child and member of staff involved has been incredible, giving up time after school to train and constantly improve their skills.  Below are the many pupils who have already represented the school this year.

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